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Diriyah Square, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Any high-end development site dedicated primary for tourist activities should consider the importance of the outdoor thermal comfort and occupants perception. This is especially true for Riyadh climate zone, dominated by extreme hot weather conditions, where an adverse thermal impact over any outdoor activities is expected. A detailed CFD analysis of the outdoor recreational and trade zones within a tourist district of Riyadh were completed at the concept design stage. The study has provided an valuable information on the baseline conditions and what could be the beneficial impact of different passive and active cooling measures, including:

  • Wind Barriers
  • Shading Structures
  • Thermal Properties of Materials
  • Water Features
  • Radiant Cooling
  • Water Misting Systems
  • External Mechanical Air Cooling

Through the UTCI thermal comfort index comparison, the most effective measure were outlined and selected for detail design of the development.

UTCI Baselines Conditions

UTCI Baselines

UTCI Radiant Cooling Conditions

UTCI Radiant Cooling

UTCI Mist System Conditions

UTCI Mist System